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Readings by world renowned Oakland County Michigan Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen


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The Law Of Attraction

"As above, so below"

I know that all of you have heard of the Law of Attraction. But most people do not actually know how it works. It’s like you give up your problems of negativity. But then right after you give it up, and you find yourself in a habitual state of panic. So, you take it back by dwelling on it, speaking about it, and still obsessing about it. Once you realize that the Creator of the Universe created you whole and complete and you learn to accept yourself as whole, worthy of love, prosperity, abundance, and all the other yummy things that this planet has to offer, then you have a chance to spin your situation around on a positive upswing.

This is all about your own love story with your spirit, your highest self, and the Universe. Throughout your experiences here on earth, you will experience great love, joy, happiness, despair, loss and tragedy. But it's all about the valuable lessons. It's all about getting back on that horse, and forging ahead stronger, wiser, and smarter that you were at the beginning of this earthly journey.

Every morning after arising look in your mirror say to yourself “I am open and receptive to all good”. Throughout each day notice if you are sitting with your arms folded or if you are holding your arms open, welcoming all the goodies that the Universe is ready to offer you.

You must believe that you are deserving and worthy of abundance to receive t and keep it. There are those who create abundance all the time and then turn around and let it slip through their fingers by creating dept, gambling, buying things they do not really even want or need, giving it away to others that they feel are worthier then themselves who are the ones that earned in the first place. We call these people self sabatager's.

International Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen has come to the realization decades ago that most people cannot foresee the real potential and possibilities past their own previous experiences and what they have been conditioned to believe in this world..
It does not make a difference if you come from poverty or wealth. It does not matter if you hit rock bottom. It is truly all about your state of consciousness. And yes, you can change your consciousness. The choice is all yours. It's up to you to change your beliefs to serve your hearts desires. It’s all about feeling worthy enough to allow yourself to accept all of the abundance that is available to you.

The story always begins with “As above, so below”. One explanation is whatever happens on any level of reality physical, emotional, or mental also happens on every other level. Some see man as the microcosm within the universal macrocosm. Famous English Kabbalist. physician, astrologer and mathematician from the 1500’s Robertus de Fluctibus stated that "Man is a whole world of its own, called microcosm I believe and will state this in simple terms. And that as I stated before that through our thoughts, words and actions we send up signals to the super-subconscious and it is manifested below in the physical world.

I can guide you how to remove the obstacles that are holding you back!
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