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Readings by world renowned Michigan Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen.

Welcome to the spiritual world of a highly evolved soul that wants to share her light with the seekers of pure truth and universal love!


Sherrie Ellen's Michigan Psychic Blog

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Angels surround me like the gentle wings of butterflies

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 03/25/14

Since I was a small child I always knew that I was different. As a little girl I always felt protected because I knew that my god, his angels and all my spirit guides were protecting me. It was a deep inner knowing with in my very being that I was her for a very special purpose. These beings of light were here to help me fulfill my mission.

As I walked through my journey I would warn many people who have caused me harm to try and turn their misdeeds around for their own sakes, because I have seen what negative results will befall these earthly souls that will try and interfere in my duties here on this earth plain.  I find it much more fun to just sit and wait. I just relax and continue witling away at my work.

One of my dearest friends Bradly who passed on to the spirit would once asked me how I could not retaliate. I said that I have god by my side, and that these people would not escape their karma. Anyways I turn lemons into lemonaide. I would make psychic predictions about these people that would come true. This would in turn lead others who were in need of spiritual guidance to come my way to seek divine information that would help light their own ways. I would use the evil doers as examples of what not to do.

When I was a very tiny little girl I would try and stay up when my family went to sleep. I would just stare into the night and watch all the orbs move around me. I found it fascinating. It was like a beautiful light show. I found it magnificently entertaining. There was an agreement before I was allowed to come before the people on this earth plain.  There was a commitment made by these beings who would accompany me.  They are here to help protect, guide and see me through fulfilling the purpose of this particular journey here on earth. They are my accompanying guardians of the light.

Many people to this day still ask me how I became a Michigan psychic. I guess this is just part of my story. This journey is that I am on is still moving forward and my gifts are multiplying and getting stronger. Psychic abilities and mediumship is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets. I am certain that I am still being prepared for something greater then where I stand as of now. It’s easier to just follow my natural flow in the directon that the universe has led me which go back as far back as I can remember in my earliest childhood years.

Are you addicted to the chaos in your life?

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 11/23/13

Take responsibility for the life that you created. We are all the magicians and the artists that have created the landscape of our life’s that encompasses us. We have done this with our repetitious thoughts, intentions as well as our physical actions. Many of the things that we do and say has just become habits. Some of us have become addicted to the chaos that we seem to constantly create. If we were not so, then why do we keep on doing it. Is it that we think that we will have a different outcome after the one hundredth try.

You will change everything in your life that you don’t like when you get sick and tired of hitting your own head up against that brick wall. We all deserve to be happy and joyful.

Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen started working on removing herself made chaos in her life with the help of her Kabbalah teacher. Batcheva would just keep telling her to scan the Zohar. Sherrie Ellen would ask what she should do. My personal spiritual advisor would always tell me to scan the Zohar to bring in the help from the angelic realms. The bottom line is that it’s always up to us every step of the way how we live our own lives. Sherrie Ellen always tries to make the lemons that life sometimes hands her into the sweetest lemonade.

We are all here trying to get in touch with are dharma which is our higher purpose. We know when something is right for our very soul. The clues are in the signal our physical bodies give us. If you are trying to make a decision and you feel that you have this big knot in your stomach, then your soul is telling you that this is not the right path for you to be taking at this time. There is a difference in the fear of stage fright when you are trying something new for the very first time and when you just plain know that something us just not in your best interest

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What are energy vampires? Can we really be under psychic attack?

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 10/19/13

No one can attack us unless we allow them to. We draw everything to us and have total control over our life situations by our thoughts and actions. Another soul whom is living on this earth or in the spirit realm cannot penetrate through our protective vibratory shield unless we give them permission. Sometimes we allow them in by closing off our true source of our own intuition and not blocking the others true intent. We always have a inter-knowing that danger is in the lurch. But sometimes we prefer to believe that another person has our own best interest at heart. Most of the time when we feel stressed out it is just that we allowed out own thought patterns to get carried away with negativity. This can lead to a deep feeling of hopelessness and despair. That is when I advice my clients to start using affirmations to reprogram their negative thought patterns. Also when you feel that you are being attacked by others you can feel tired. This is because you are the one that is so focused upon this other person’s negative vibrations toward you. You are the only one that can block off your natural source of positive energy flow that is your birth right. Many people feel a rejuvenated clearing after working with Saint Germaine and the violet flame.

Knowing More about Reincarnation

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 09/23/13

Many a time, you might have come across discussions about reincarnation, most of which end up leaving you confused about the facts and myths related to it. Here, let us try to get an idea of what reincarnation really is and the truth about it. This was a term that was quite unfamiliar to the people in the West for quite a long time. But later on, with the many analytical and scientific researchers conducted by people like Dr. Ian Stevenson, reincarnation began to be accepted widely, as an existing fact.

The reason for the ignorance about reincarnation was mostly the religious forbiddance on reading and learning more about it. This forbiddance passed on from one generation to the next, thereby keeping people totally ignorant about the facts of reincarnation. But today, things have changed. Numerous people believe in reincarnation, though they cannot explain their stand with solid proof.

Reincarnation or rebirth is considered to be the return of the human soul to the earth, in some other human body. Rebirth is believed to be the result of karmic debts that are still to be fulfilled and every human soul is believed to reincarnate. It is the Buddhist and the Hindu religions that firmly believe in the concept of reincarnation of the human soul. According to their religious views, our deeds and thoughts during this lifetime are the deciding factors that determine where and who we would be reborn as. That is, reincarnation can occur as a reward or a punishment, based on your deeds in this life! Apart from this religious belief, the universal doctrine about rebirth is that every soul undergoes reincarnation as it has an eternal or god-like nature.

There is a myth that reincarnation occurs when a person dies and the soul passes on to a just-born baby in some other place. The fact is that reincarnation or rebirth doesn’t occur soon after the death of a person. Based on Theosophy, it is believed that the soul takes some time to reincarnate, sometimes even hundreds of years, depending upon the good deeds or bad deeds done in the former life. Paramhansa Yoganada was a major pioneer on the topic.

A bold scientific research on reincarnation was the one put forward by Dr. Ian Stevenson, a psychiatrist. His studies were focused on young children who had near death incidents in their lives or those who claimed to remember their former lives. He tried to correlate these memories with the details of certain deceased people, thereby trying to find if reincarnation is possible. Though he came up with the studies that reincarnation is not a total myth, most of the scientific community rejected his ideas. His research results were counted as mere coincidences, rather than proof for reincarnation.

Reincarnation, a concept that is considered to exist, is believed to come to an end when the soul has purified itself and settled all the Karmic debts that were remaining from the former life. This condition of non existence or “Nirvana”, as termed by the Hindus and Buddhists, is what one should be trying to obtain in life, with their good deeds and thoughts.

Michigan Psychics and Mediums

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 09/10/13

Psychic powers were believed to be utilized way back in the past. Indications that this ability was used are present in almost every civilization all over the planet. It can range from prophets, shamans, sages and even medicine men from the early human civilizations as well as the Indian tribes who were believed to be endowed with these natural powers as well as mediums. The cosmic energy was the vital element utilized in spiritual ceremonies and tribal rituals. 

Due to the natural curiosity of humans, it cannot be denied that we are all eager to know why things happen or what is going to happen next. It is the reason why psychic powers have evolved throughout the years. It initially started as an untapped energy through various stages but has always been there. Today, there are Michigan psychics who utilized familiar devices that are modern versions of those used in the past such as the use of jewels or stones, divining rods and casting of bones. The dominoes and dices are modern versions of the early psychic tools.

Finding the right psychic

There are many psychics out there who claim that they are accurate in providing their readings. Their skills can range from being a medium, crystal reader, card reader and many more. If you want to get accurate readings, make sure that you know the specific skills of the psychic that you have chosen. Majority of professional Michigan psychics will eagerly inform you what they can do and cannot. Take note that a medium can be a psychic but not all psychics are mediums. If you want to get in touch with a departed loved one, it is best to look for a reputable psychic medium. There are psychics that are clairvoyant and have visions while others are empathic in which they can feel the emotions of another individual.

Various methods of psychics

Depending on the psychic, whether he/she is empathic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, as a medium, telepathic or utilizes divination tools such as runes, Tarot or numerology, the information that they can share depends on their experience, knowledge, natural prowess and skill. All of these elements have an essential role in getting an accurate psychic reading. There are some psychics who utilize tools, while some do not use anything at all. Always remember that it is the mastery of their skill that matters the most. Psychic mastery is considered as a discipline and individuals seeking psychic advice should seek someone who has mastered the gift so that it will benefit others. There are some who even provide psychic phone readings. When it comes to phone readings verses readings in person, there are differences that you should take note. The advantage of phone readings is that it offers convenience, thus making psychics within reach when needed as well as helps save time than getting a reading in person. Psychics offering phone readings can get vibrations and energy even if they cannot see the individual personally.

Depending on your purpose of getting a psychic reading, make sure that you will choose one who has mastered a specific skill. In doing so, you will get an accurate psychic reading.




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