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What are energy vampires? Can we really be under psychic attack?

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 10/19/13

No one can attack us unless we allow them to. We draw everything to us and have total control over our life situations by our thoughts and actions. Another soul whom is living on this earth or in the spirit realm cannot penetrate through our protective vibratory shield unless we give them permission. Sometimes we allow them in by closing off our true source of our own intuition and not blocking the others true intent. We always have a inter-knowing that danger is in the lurch. But sometimes we prefer to believe that another person has our own best interest at heart. Most of the time when we feel stressed out it is just that we allowed out own thought patterns to get carried away with negativity. This can lead to a deep feeling of hopelessness and despair. That is when I advice my clients to start using affirmations to reprogram their negative thought patterns. Also when you feel that you are being attacked by others you can feel tired. This is because you are the one that is so focused upon this other person’s negative vibrations toward you. You are the only one that can block off your natural source of positive energy flow that is your birth right. Many people feel a rejuvenated clearing after working with Saint Germaine and the violet flame.

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