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Readings by world renowned Michigan Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen.

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Sherrie Ellen's Michigan Psychic Blog

The Truth Shall Set You Free

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 08/06/15

One of many things that I know for certain is that the angels have been with me every step of the way protecting me, guiding me as a Michigan psychic medium, and saving me from the ultimate negative impact of taking on those who are not truly ready to follow their intended path toward peace and enlightenment. Not everyone is ready to take a huge leap. And that’s OK. The ball is always in their court. I am looking for even those newbies that are willing to take a first little tiny baby step toward the truth.

The words really do ring true when you someone says that the truth shall set you free. Even when it is painful we must face certain truths. It’s like a disease that aches in our souls. We must except that there is a possibility that there can be a flaw. Then we must locate these flaws. And it’s totally up to the individual to treat the flaw. If you don’t make changes these flaws can grow and fester into unbearable consequences. I as a spiritual counselor of God and psychic medium am her to help lead your way toward healing and the truest of enlightenment.

The angels speak through me all the time. Sometimes when I listen to their words come through my mouth I am stunned. Many times it just prophesy to keep the calm so I can prevent a tsunami of emotions from manifesting. We must think before we speak. We must play each scenario out in our rational thoughts before we make life changing decisions that will effect ourselves as well as others. Sometimes there are situations and circumstances that we must remove ourselves from for a little while so we can get a bird’s eye view of the whole movie plot that’s taking place. Ask this Oakland County psychic. She wants to light your way.

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