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Readings by world renowned Michigan Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen.

Welcome to the spiritual world of a highly evolved soul that wants to share her light with the seekers of pure truth and universal love!


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Psychic Development Class with Master Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 05/01/14

One of the most talented Michigan psychics and light workers is ready to come out as a teacher and stand in front of those who would like to develop their own abilities.  By the request of so many of the clients of Master Michigan psychic medium She is offering to take students on who would like to develop their spiritually, psychic abilities, mediumship, and other unique skills.  She is also available to help those that are ready to learn the art of manifesting their dreams and heart desires.  In her classes, she will introduce you to the archangels, angels, spirit guide.  You will learn of other light and dark entities and energies. Some you will want to invite in and others you will want to keep far away from.

Sherrie Ellen will teach you how to protect and clear your personal space and energy. You can have so much fun giving your friends and family psychic readings. Once you get in touch with your own personal spirit guides they will help glide you through and assist you with your readings. If you want how to read tarot cards Master Sherrie Ellen will tell you to just buy a book and watch YouTube videos. You do not need to take a class to learn how to read a deck of cards. She urges whoever is interested in working with this tool to just find a particular deck that you are drawn to. It’s all very personal.  Sherrie Ellen will tell you that she is not a tarot card reader. When she does use a deck she prefers to work with an Angel Deck. And mostly they are used when she is entertaining at events with The Traveling Psychics Entertainment Company.

Some of her clients she does ship out to one of her favorite Spiritualist Churches to develop light mediumship skills. But many prefer to learn from her. She does not sell packages. She charges per class. And her students are not obligated to purchase a certain number. It is and will continue to be the student’s personal choice how often and how many sessions they feel that they need. Sherrie also offers meditation lessons which she will usually use audios from her huge metaphysical library. She has a much larger selection then any public library or book store. The fact is that you will never see so many choices in one building. Each class will be limited to one to 3 students.

Oakland County, MI psychic medium Sherrie Ellen is a big fan of Esther Hicks who channels Abraham. She thinks that this woman just rocks with loads of inspiration. They say that birds of a feather flock together, and like attracts like. One think is for sure is that the Master is always trying to uplift, enlighten and teach people how to overcome their road blocks. Sherrie was put her help those to not be fearful of looking beyond the veil.  will teach you that nothing is written in stone and that GOD had given all of his beloved children free will.

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