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Michigan Psychic Speaks About Her Tibetan Mantra Practice

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 05/29/15

I find so many similarities within the many religious that I study. I love the beauty of the Hindu relations and practice many of their mantras. I also study with my Kabbalah teacher for Los Angela’s, California. She works for the Kabbalah Center. One of The Traveling Psychics who lives in Grosse Pointe and is an English born citizen who knew the Beatles through a mutual guru back in the hippy days is a regular at the Detroit Temple. He turned Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen onto Tibetan Mantras a couple years ago. She practices on a daily basis when her busy and hectic schedule permits by starting with the chanting along with her first cup of coffee. The gorgeously displayed and unique mantra interrelations of German born Deva Premal, English native Miten, and Nepal’s famous flutist Manose have inspired Sherrie Ellen to practice daily in her Oakland County residence. She finds that it raised her vibration and helps promote her in being a clear channel for her clients.

Clairvoyant Sherrie Ellen has introduced many of her clients to such practices. She swears to their mystical properties of enlightenment.  She also found her life changing in so many positive ways after obtaining the twenty three books of the sacred Zohar. It increases her abilites as a psychic medium. She is a habitual scanner. She has been studying under Batsheva Shouser from the California Kabbalah Center for many years now. She realizes when she is lax in her studies that she feels more stressed out and drained on an energy level. She promotes many of this studies and traditions to her clients that feel dark energy around them, because she knows that it keeps faith and hope alive. All of these ancient spiritual practices and intertwined. The only thing that divides them is the language. But she does believe that Kabbalah is the deepest of the mystical practices.

For many years Master Sherrie Ellen has been studying with other like minded individuals,  the art of mediumship at many Spiritualist Churches in the Oakland County area. She also is honored to have sat in many meditation circles with some of the most spiritually inclined and talened prophet baring intuitives in this decade.

Sherrie Ellen has been studying a diverse variety of religious practices including Judaism throughout her junior high school years to the present. She found her first deck of tarot cards at fourteen years old. But tarot is not her first choice as a tool. There for she will tell all that she does not consider herself a tarot card reader even though she does travel with them when she entertains at events. She is the founder of The Traveling Psychics Entertainment Company. With this talented group of fortune tellers she entertains at homes, corporate events, charities, colleges and high school graduations throughout the states of Michigan, Ohio and Windsor Ontario.


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