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Just The Tip Of The Iceberg on Kabbalah-Zohar-Bible

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 06/27/16

Sherrie Ellen wants to lead you out of self-slavery straight into the promised land of freedom. Many people have reached the greatest heights. But even the most successful, brightest, and those with the best of intentions have fallen from their successes. Just because you are on top now does not mean that you will stay there. Just because you have hit bottom does not mean that you cannot rise to the top of the mountain. When you chase what does not belong to you what is yours shall disappear. The final outcome is that you will not gain anything. When you resist peace and run around in chaos you separate yourself from the life force of GOD. When you dispute then you have no peace. Peace begins with in. Peace begins from the way we as individuals treat our fellow man/woman. Our responsibility is to individually create peace with all the individuals in our lives that we do not have peace with. We may have many daily practices. But we need to have a daily practice of creating and maintaining peace in our lives with all those that are around us. Rav Berg states that just because two people may be different that is no reason for disagreement. We realize that not everyone has the same opinions or the same level of intelligence. But Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen does believe that it is more difficult to deal with people who have absolutely no common sense.

There are those whose inquisitions are purposed toward trying to stop a dispute. And there are those whose questions are intended to create disputes, arguments and total chaos. Oakland County psychic medium Sherrie Ellen believes from a psychological point of view this to be true on many levels due to the familiarity of such behavior and the intention of preventing goodness from entering. There are those who have lived most of their lives in chaos and are comfortable within a state of turmoil. Also many people do not believe that they deserve the goodness that is created within a peaceful state. There for the sabotage anything that could bring accomplishments into their lives by any means possible. We mean that they will destroy those in their path that offer goodness to them. We can offer many other possible explanations. We situation us unique with still creating the same negative circumstances 

Having a difference of opinion offers those involved a better picture of realty. It broadens your view about a situations. There is a difference between having a difference of opinion and a dispute. Differences of opinions between humans helps them grow. The more people that you have in your life that disagree with you will help you grow. This is because it will give you a chance to look at many different viewpoints and ideas that you have never considered before. And through this you can create totality.  But the point is not to start looking at other disgruntle individuals. The point is that we all need to look within. We need to ask ourselves are we creating disputes. Or what did we do to invite this situation into our lives? A true spiritual leader brings peace. The true purpose of disputes is to bring light upon a situation with a result of peace.

We need to be able to understand others perspectives and respect that they have a different opinion even though we may not see the value in their opinion or agree with their opinion. If we do not allow ourselves to see the others opinion it could end with our demise. There are many that believe that they do mostly good so it allowed them the right to do some bad without expecting negative consequences back in return. We all reap what we sow in this live time or we may get hit in the next reincarnation from the damages that we choose to cause others.

There are formulas that we must follow to conquer success in this world. Before we express our opinions ask yourself is my opinion or point of view glint to help this word get to a better place, my business to a better place, my family to a better place etc…

Oakland County psychic, medium, astrologer Sherrie Ellen studies Kabbalah in Los Angelas, California and Detroit, Michigan with her teacher. Kabbalah rituals are usually practiced on the cycles of the moon.

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1. Tahirih said on 3/4/17 - 10:09PM
I too fall victim of this point of view and it becomes difficult for me to separate between forgiving those who intent seems to continuously hurt me or protecting myself from the pain or both. In an effort to protect myself most times I remove myself from the situation to prevent future betrayal, then wrestle with the disconnect especially in terms of family.

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