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Good Will Toward Your Enemies Is Never Wasted

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 12/13/15

Many years ago when I just started coming out of the closet as a psychic medium in Oakland County, Michigan I got a mass prayer group going for a very selfish woman that only had contempt and malice toward me, along with many of those who are dearest to me.  As much of a challenge as it would be to most I ended up praying for this woman for two years straight without missing a beat. This took a lot of my time and energy. Everyone who knew the truth about this situation asked me why, and how could I pray for someone who has been so cruel? I did this because I knew that her malice toward me was really self-hatred toward herself, and revenge was not mine.  I was also told from my guides that she was manifesting the triggers of cancer cells within her.

My group of prayer buddies, in my private prayer group, and a variety of religious organizations were there from the beginning to the end. One of my closest friends even called me a saint. Eventually this woman’s ill will made me disconnect due to her dark energy, and asked all the others to take her off our prayer lists. This was because I realized I was giving her more opportunity to cause harm to those who were dearest to me. The day I stopped the prayers I announced that she had cancer. I also turned this situation over to God. Three months later her significant other called me and said that his wife had ovarian cancer.

The interesting thing about this story is that a psychic medium that I met at a Spiritualist Church in Clarkson, Michigan who knew all the details of this story, and was part of the prayer circle from beginning to end interviewed me on a local cable television talk show after this woman’s passing. I said to the interviewer that I could not approach the sick woman because she never would have believed me. Then she laughed and said “Well, I am certain that she believes you now” I also can tell you that you can lead a horse to water. But you cannot make them drink. The universe used me as a channel to give this woman an opportunity to change her ways and her consciousness. God gives us free will. I never told this woman that I was praying for her or about my predictions because she was closed mined, opinionated and not open to the possibilities of the truth was beyond her five senses. After the news spread about my prediction and my ability as a medical intuitive it opened up many doors by allowing me to help many others to seek medical treatment.

I find that when you do selfless actions that it helps you grow spiritually. Also we must be careful what about what we pray for someone because you do not want to interfere with their own free will.  Prayer should always be done with saying in the best interest of all concerned. May Gods will be done. Though this selfless act of prayer that was channeled from a higher source it enabled me to create The Traveling Psychics, and attract those who are seeking to live their truth toward a brighter reality.

The interviewer turned into one of the first entertainers that worked my first gig with me as The Traveling Psychics. The interview that was about how The Traveling Psychics Entertainment Company was created. I personally never considered that I would be reading at parties and events. My intention was to just sent out other psychic readers and create a Michigan psychic entertainment company. Now I personally have about 10,000 internationally clients that I read for all over the world. My CPA even thought that this kind of idea would not work. Many people were shocked when it blossomed.

 The bottom line is that there is a rhyme to reason with every road. Even when you think that you’re just visiting an idea or a notion it could lead to a mirror of surprises. Just read about the testimonials to see what people are saying about Oakland County psychic medium Sherrie Ellen and her company. So I just suggest that you be open to all the possibilities that the universe has to offer. I say this even when there is times when it makes no sense and the world just seems cruel.

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