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Are you addicted to the chaos in your life?

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 11/23/13

Take responsibility for the life that you created. We are all the magicians and the artists that have created the landscape of our life’s that encompasses us. We have done this with our repetitious thoughts, intentions as well as our physical actions. Many of the things that we do and say has just become habits. Some of us have become addicted to the chaos that we seem to constantly create. If we were not so, then why do we keep on doing it. Is it that we think that we will have a different outcome after the one hundredth try.

You will change everything in your life that you don’t like when you get sick and tired of hitting your own head up against that brick wall. We all deserve to be happy and joyful.

Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen started working on removing herself made chaos in her life with the help of her Kabbalah teacher. Batcheva would just keep telling her to scan the Zohar. Sherrie Ellen would ask what she should do. My personal spiritual advisor would always tell me to scan the Zohar to bring in the help from the angelic realms. The bottom line is that it’s always up to us every step of the way how we live our own lives. Sherrie Ellen always tries to make the lemons that life sometimes hands her into the sweetest lemonade.

We are all here trying to get in touch with are dharma which is our higher purpose. We know when something is right for our very soul. The clues are in the signal our physical bodies give us. If you are trying to make a decision and you feel that you have this big knot in your stomach, then your soul is telling you that this is not the right path for you to be taking at this time. There is a difference in the fear of stage fright when you are trying something new for the very first time and when you just plain know that something us just not in your best interest

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