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Angels surround me like the gentle wings of butterflies

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 03/25/14

Since I was a small child I always knew that I was different. As a little girl I always felt protected because I knew that my god, his angels and all my spirit guides were protecting me. It was a deep inner knowing with in my very being that I was her for a very special purpose. These beings of light were here to help me fulfill my mission.

As I walked through my journey I would warn many people who have caused me harm to try and turn their misdeeds around for their own sakes, because I have seen what negative results will befall these earthly souls that will try and interfere in my duties here on this earth plain.  I find it much more fun to just sit and wait. I just relax and continue witling away at my work.

One of my dearest friends Bradly who passed on to the spirit would once asked me how I could not retaliate. I said that I have god by my side, and that these people would not escape their karma. Anyways I turn lemons into lemonaide. I would make psychic predictions about these people that would come true. This would in turn lead others who were in need of spiritual guidance to come my way to seek divine information that would help light their own ways. I would use the evil doers as examples of what not to do.

When I was a very tiny little girl I would try and stay up when my family went to sleep. I would just stare into the night and watch all the orbs move around me. I found it fascinating. It was like a beautiful light show. I found it magnificently entertaining. There was an agreement before I was allowed to come before the people on this earth plain.  There was a commitment made by these beings who would accompany me.  They are here to help protect, guide and see me through fulfilling the purpose of this particular journey here on earth. They are my accompanying guardians of the light.

Many people to this day still ask me how I became a Michigan psychic. I guess this is just part of my story. This journey is that I am on is still moving forward and my gifts are multiplying and getting stronger. Psychic abilities and mediumship is like a muscle. The more you use it the stronger it gets. I am certain that I am still being prepared for something greater then where I stand as of now. It’s easier to just follow my natural flow in the directon that the universe has led me which go back as far back as I can remember in my earliest childhood years.

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