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Readings by world renowned Michigan Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen.

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Sherrie Ellen's Michigan Psychic Blog

A Wounded Warrior

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 07/17/15

Michigan psychic medium Sherrie Ellen has always known things even as a small child. This Oakland County mediums skills and gifts took off like a race horse after suffering some of her greatest life disappointments and becoming disillusioned by someone that she held dear to her. She calls herself a wounded warrior, and feels an intense connection to the American Indian culture. Actually one of her guides White Feather is an Indian Chief if the spirit world. She also has a female Indian guide that rides a gorgeous white stallion.

So far I have significantly learned at least about three of my past life’s through past life regression meditation sessions. This is where my built in mechanism to be able to get back up no matter what happens and win every life fight and keep on going way past the finish line. Only fools have dared to tread with any negativity toward me because my intuitive skill trade always lets me know where their week spots are. And those that know me understand that I am one of the strongest humans that ever walked this path.

My thoughts are more powerful than most who walk this earth plane. I have learned through experience that I can heal, protect and cause great harm by my thoughts alone. I know that I love and I hate all the way. When someone wants to oppose me I can be merciless. For those I meet in love and who walk with a kind heart I will honor, protect and support them with all that I have. One of my incarnations shows with great extinction and detail that I was a Samira Warrior. And of course we cannot forget the positions in my astrology chart. That shocks most people. We all are here to grow, learn and become better them we were, or rather the best we can be. I am a professional Oakland County psychic medium in Michigan.

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