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Readings by world renowned Michigan Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen.

Welcome to the spiritual world of a highly evolved soul that wants to share her light with the seekers of pure truth and universal love!


Sherrie Ellen's Michigan Psychic Blog

Spiritual Blog

Your Magic Wand

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 05/16/18

You are already a co-creator with the universe even though you may now have yet acknowledged it or understand what you have been doing from the time you first were born and opened your eyes. Some of the situations that you created where some have been by recreating situations that were taught to you through lessons, and experiences that you had leaned as a young child all the way up to this present time in your life as an adult.

Jesus said “Ask and you shall receive”. He did not say ask and you will receive if you deserve it. We all want the best for our children. Why would you not want the best for yourself. We are all magicians. We are all creative geniuses in our own way. Most people only create what they barley need, and do not create what they really want because they do not think they are worthy enough.

Once you believe that this is all true and possible you will become a far more effective co-creator and soul magician. This will lead to drastic changes in your lives and the lives of others around you that you connect with on a soul level. Every thought, and belief that you have will somehow manifest into something that you see out into the physical world.

With every thought, spoken word, and deed done through you, a seed is released. And if you’re continually nurturing this seed, it will manifest into a physical form. You have created what has past and are constantly creating what lies before you. Sometimes we get stuck on the merry-go-round of the creations of others by being present in their lives and allowing ourselves to be participants. This is when we are giving away our own innate personal power that truly belongs to us.

Throughout history the sailors always used the North Star to navigate them safely across the seas. As all other stars may move around in the universe, the North Star always seems to stay true to course, and on point. Our true North is the innermost desire of our soul. 

What you must understand is that we all create with focus. Our focal point of our imagination is our greatest tool. I like to call this our own magic wand. The life that we see in front of us are the results of how we focus our imagination. If you want to change your circumstances then you must change your focus. There are many other helpful techniques that can help you accomplish this.

Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen works with her clients on manifestation techniques, and that is in Oakland County, Michigan.  She serves clients over the world as a life coach to help them clear obstacles, so they are free to manifest their truest heart desires. Your thoughts, words, and actions are your magic wand. Use them wisely to create the life you want.

Just The Tip Of The Iceberg on Kabbalah-Zohar-Bible

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 06/27/16

Sherrie Ellen wants to lead you out of self-slavery straight into the promised land of freedom. Many people have reached the greatest heights. But even the most successful, brightest, and those with the best of intentions have fallen from their successes. Just because you are on top now does not mean that you will stay there. Just because you have hit bottom does not mean that you cannot rise to the top of the mountain. When you chase what does not belong to you what is yours shall disappear. The final outcome is that you will not gain anything. When you resist peace and run around in chaos you separate yourself from the life force of GOD. When you dispute then you have no peace. Peace begins with in. Peace begins from the way we as individuals treat our fellow man/woman. Our responsibility is to individually create peace with all the individuals in our lives that we do not have peace with. We may have many daily practices. But we need to have a daily practice of creating and maintaining peace in our lives with all those that are around us. Rav Berg states that just because two people may be different that is no reason for disagreement. We realize that not everyone has the same opinions or the same level of intelligence. But Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen does believe that it is more difficult to deal with people who have absolutely no common sense.

There are those whose inquisitions are purposed toward trying to stop a dispute. And there are those whose questions are intended to create disputes, arguments and total chaos. Oakland County psychic medium Sherrie Ellen believes from a psychological point of view this to be true on many levels due to the familiarity of such behavior and the intention of preventing goodness from entering. There are those who have lived most of their lives in chaos and are comfortable within a state of turmoil. Also many people do not believe that they deserve the goodness that is created within a peaceful state. There for the sabotage anything that could bring accomplishments into their lives by any means possible. We mean that they will destroy those in their path that offer goodness to them. We can offer many other possible explanations. We situation us unique with still creating the same negative circumstances 

Having a difference of opinion offers those involved a better picture of realty. It broadens your view about a situations. There is a difference between having a difference of opinion and a dispute. Differences of opinions between humans helps them grow. The more people that you have in your life that disagree with you will help you grow. This is because it will give you a chance to look at many different viewpoints and ideas that you have never considered before. And through this you can create totality.  But the point is not to start looking at other disgruntle individuals. The point is that we all need to look within. We need to ask ourselves are we creating disputes. Or what did we do to invite this situation into our lives? A true spiritual leader brings peace. The true purpose of disputes is to bring light upon a situation with a result of peace.

We need to be able to understand others perspectives and respect that they have a different opinion even though we may not see the value in their opinion or agree with their opinion. If we do not allow ourselves to see the others opinion it could end with our demise. There are many that believe that they do mostly good so it allowed them the right to do some bad without expecting negative consequences back in return. We all reap what we sow in this live time or we may get hit in the next reincarnation from the damages that we choose to cause others.

There are formulas that we must follow to conquer success in this world. Before we express our opinions ask yourself is my opinion or point of view glint to help this word get to a better place, my business to a better place, my family to a better place etc…

Oakland County psychic, medium, astrologer Sherrie Ellen studies Kabbalah in Los Angelas, California and Detroit, Michigan with her teacher. Kabbalah rituals are usually practiced on the cycles of the moon.

Good Will Toward Your Enemies Is Never Wasted

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 12/13/15

Many years ago when I just started coming out of the closet as a psychic medium in Oakland County, Michigan I got a mass prayer group going for a very selfish woman that only had contempt and malice toward me, along with many of those who are dearest to me.  As much of a challenge as it would be to most I ended up praying for this woman for two years straight without missing a beat. This took a lot of my time and energy. Everyone who knew the truth about this situation asked me why, and how could I pray for someone who has been so cruel? I did this because I knew that her malice toward me was really self-hatred toward herself, and revenge was not mine.  I was also told from my guides that she was manifesting the triggers of cancer cells within her.

My group of prayer buddies, in my private prayer group, and a variety of religious organizations were there from the beginning to the end. One of my closest friends even called me a saint. Eventually this woman’s ill will made me disconnect due to her dark energy, and asked all the others to take her off our prayer lists. This was because I realized I was giving her more opportunity to cause harm to those who were dearest to me. The day I stopped the prayers I announced that she had cancer. I also turned this situation over to God. Three months later her significant other called me and said that his wife had ovarian cancer.

The interesting thing about this story is that a psychic medium that I met at a Spiritualist Church in Clarkson, Michigan who knew all the details of this story, and was part of the prayer circle from beginning to end interviewed me on a local cable television talk show after this woman’s passing. I said to the interviewer that I could not approach the sick woman because she never would have believed me. Then she laughed and said “Well, I am certain that she believes you now” I also can tell you that you can lead a horse to water. But you cannot make them drink. The universe used me as a channel to give this woman an opportunity to change her ways and her consciousness. God gives us free will. I never told this woman that I was praying for her or about my predictions because she was closed mined, opinionated and not open to the possibilities of the truth was beyond her five senses. After the news spread about my prediction and my ability as a medical intuitive it opened up many doors by allowing me to help many others to seek medical treatment.

I find that when you do selfless actions that it helps you grow spiritually. Also we must be careful what about what we pray for someone because you do not want to interfere with their own free will.  Prayer should always be done with saying in the best interest of all concerned. May Gods will be done. Though this selfless act of prayer that was channeled from a higher source it enabled me to create The Traveling Psychics, and attract those who are seeking to live their truth toward a brighter reality.

The interviewer turned into one of the first entertainers that worked my first gig with me as The Traveling Psychics. The interview that was about how The Traveling Psychics Entertainment Company was created. I personally never considered that I would be reading at parties and events. My intention was to just sent out other psychic readers and create a Michigan psychic entertainment company. Now I personally have about 10,000 internationally clients that I read for all over the world. My CPA even thought that this kind of idea would not work. Many people were shocked when it blossomed.

 The bottom line is that there is a rhyme to reason with every road. Even when you think that you’re just visiting an idea or a notion it could lead to a mirror of surprises. Just read about the testimonials to see what people are saying about Oakland County psychic medium Sherrie Ellen and her company. So I just suggest that you be open to all the possibilities that the universe has to offer. I say this even when there is times when it makes no sense and the world just seems cruel.

The Archangels Assist Michigan Psychic Sherrie Ellen

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 10/04/15

You will discover numerous psychics today of which simply just are rising from the woodwork's. It’s nearly impossible to find any honest religious expert whom legitimately cares for you in relation to ones leading situation that you need assistance regarding. Master Oakland County psychic Sherrie Ellen is a specialized prominent legitimate readers whom is largely is effective without the use tarot cards today. Sherrie Ellen features channeling because she is a psychic medium versus tarot card reader. This lady makes use of them at psychic party activities at the very least in relation of the time and has any sizable voluminous deposition of which the girl loves for the fine artistic values. This Michigan medium spiritually associates with like minds while using the information pertaining to souls that once walked on this plane, which helps to take delivery of essentially the most divinely linked announcements which come through together with spotless accuracy for you to consummate the woman client’s missions together solely the reality. The lady blends with the top regalement in her private sessions within Oakland County. Michigan. The Traveling Psychics offer their party services in market Macomb, Livingston, as well as City of Detroit,  including the entire  Southeast state as well as southwest side corresponding communities.

This elaborate Michigan psychic entertainment company carried out celebrity looking seances, group readings, as well as table tipping demonstration. Their own remarkable revelations by using a very crystal ball features their own special audiences aside. This gang of unbelievable Spiritualist Church style messages barriers  are wizards with the work involving message sharing with aim to help make each and every subject examining as well as convivially interesting get together and achieving their best intentions to come true. A lot of the finest Spiritualist soothsayers who have found their own origins within Spiritualism are at the top of the online game offering essentially the  loveliest email medium sales pitches regarding groups within just what a lot of talk.   We offer John Edward style readings regarding groups. Many telephone us for convenience, instead of seeing us in person. We offer the best gallery party readings. Sherrie Ellen’s heart designation is to make her clients satisfied by the very best. Many of us l need someone, and our pricing is a lot lower as well as affordable for the average citizen considering today’s economic system. Ever since we all pointed out slightly in relation to pricing let’s move on for you to a lot more important subject areas.

Let’s now explain in words in relation to all of the fun of which you will have once we arrive, and entertain your party guests. We can deliver as many as twenty five of the finest readers to a single event. These readers are extremely tested, as well as legitimate. A lot of them use astrology together with mediumship as well as tarot.  Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen is a Master numerologist in addition to obtaining assistance from the Archangels, Angels, Goodness as well as the woman workforce involving soul courses. Any time Sherrie Ellen states possibly the microscopic Cherubs usually arise for you to  enhance the vibrations. Often the family pets may pop in only communicate hello as well as remind every person which they shared love with that they are their spirit still exists.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

by Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen on 08/06/15

One of many things that I know for certain is that the angels have been with me every step of the way protecting me, guiding me as a Michigan psychic medium, and saving me from the ultimate negative impact of taking on those who are not truly ready to follow their intended path toward peace and enlightenment. Not everyone is ready to take a huge leap. And that’s OK. The ball is always in their court. I am looking for even those newbies that are willing to take a first little tiny baby step toward the truth.

The words really do ring true when you someone says that the truth shall set you free. Even when it is painful we must face certain truths. It’s like a disease that aches in our souls. We must except that there is a possibility that there can be a flaw. Then we must locate these flaws. And it’s totally up to the individual to treat the flaw. If you don’t make changes these flaws can grow and fester into unbearable consequences. I as a spiritual counselor of God and psychic medium am her to help lead your way toward healing and the truest of enlightenment.

The angels speak through me all the time. Sometimes when I listen to their words come through my mouth I am stunned. Many times it just prophesy to keep the calm so I can prevent a tsunami of emotions from manifesting. We must think before we speak. We must play each scenario out in our rational thoughts before we make life changing decisions that will effect ourselves as well as others. Sometimes there are situations and circumstances that we must remove ourselves from for a little while so we can get a bird’s eye view of the whole movie plot that’s taking place. Ask this Oakland County psychic. She wants to light your way.

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