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Sherrie is one of the best Michigan psychics and mediums.

All readings are strictly confidential.
This is my sacred psychic oath.

A Gem Among The Michigan Psychics
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World renowned psychic medium Sherrie Ellen, reads for people from all walks of life. She is known for her gentle delivery of giving out the information exactly how she receives it. She is a truthful and a very precise prophesier.

Hear What Clients Are Saying About Master Oakland County Michigan Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen

Master Psychic Medium Sherrie Ellen


Customer Testimonials

President Of The Traveling Psychics 

The Best Of The Michigan Psychics

Lovely reader. So genuine and kind. I am very pleased. Love this young lady! She is the best! Highly recommended! Many blessings.

Tana, November 15, 2017

Sherrie is totally precious! A helper to me for all my needs! Highly recommended. This lady is fabulous! I call her my earthly angel.

Tabatha November 14, 2017

Thank you for being so helpful and a friend to me. I am very grateful to have had our paths cross.

                                                                                 Natasha                       November 14, 2017

""Sherrie, I swear you just gave me a million dollar response. It times like this when I really yearn for a mentor. Your response just made all the difference to my dilemma, and in how I wanted to respond to a recent email that he sent and how I need to start responding in general. You're such a straight shooter and that’s what I love about you! Thank you soooo much !!! Time to change my posture. I feel so much better.

                                                                        Joyce                                  October 22, 2017

I thought a lot about what you told me. You are a VERY GIFTED and TALENTED SPECIAL PERSON  

                                                     Jerry, Commerce Township, MI          October 12, 2017

Sherrie, do you remember the reading you did on me? Remember when we were talking about my ex-husbands wife stepmother to my daughter Jessie? You said she was not long with this world, heaviness on chest, cancer throughout the body? You said when she died that she was going to fight it.... Well, she died on Monday, Sept.30, 2014 from cancer.

Marie from Texas  October 11, 2017

You are the Best !! Keep doing what you are doing. I did not have to say a word. Your predictions after less then a year time-span "all" came true. God, in his wisdom gave you this amazing gift, no one else did. Regarding your fees? My dear woman, you were worth every penny. God bless you.

                                                                              Respectfully, Marie     July 6, 2017

I first came to seek out Michigan psychic Sherrie with serious questions that I needed answers to at a crossroads point of my life. I have come back to her twice and do have a pending fourth visit. I continue to see Sherrie because she has accurately predicted several past and present events in my life that have come to pass. During her sessions, Sherrie also kindly offers advice that is relevant to her revelations and predictions. She takes her work very seriously and gives her full attention to her clients during her sessions. She really is a true professional with a very special gift. I really appreciate that she has chosen to share this gift with others.  She is defiantly on of the best psychics in Michigan!

                                                                              Rose                        August 6, 2017

Readings with Sherrie are a valuable treasure ready to be discovered by you. Her instinct, insight and visions are so in tune with one another. You will be amazed at the accuracy of her predictions. Sherrie is honest and her approach is gentle and very positive. I've had readings where not only does she answer my questions but opens up a world of possibilities I was unaware of. When her visions came to pass in my life, I witnessed many A-HA! moments remembering her predictions. Book your reading with Sherrie today, it is time well invested.

                                                                               M.A.                     August 1, 2017

I meet Sherrie Ellen about six months ago when I was in the darkest place that I could ever have imagined being in. I just lost my soul mate of 32 years eight months prior. His death was sudden. It was a massive heart attack at work. He died in the ambulance. My husband Bill was everything to me. I did not have a chance to say good-buy. I did not have closure. We met in high school. The first time I had a reading with Sherrie Ellen I saw her in person at her reading room. I was a wreck. She told me to relax, and not to be afraid. With in about 15 minutes through the reading, she brought in my dear Bill. He mentioned a private matter to Sherrie that know one could have possibly have known about but my beloved and I. This wonderful woman helped me have closure, and realize that Bill was still by my side. Now I get a up date reading about once a month with the master. Some times by phone and sometimes in person. I recommend her to all my friends and family. She is the greatest.

                                                                           Katheran             May 18 2017

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